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The We Love Lundby Club

Launched in November of 2004, the We Love Lundby Club, a worldwide network of Lundby collectors, currently has more than 70 members from 12 countries--Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Our full-color quarterly newsletter, The Lundby Letter (published in March, June, September and December*), features articles on the history of Lundby of Sweden; interesting discussions on Scandinavian vintage and contemporary dollhouses, dolls, furniture and accessory pieces with noted Lundby designers, research into the 1/16th (3/4” = 1’) scale; insight into the Barton/Caroline’s Home acquisition; craft projects and cut-outs for your favorite Lundby houses, and much more! *Beginning with Volume 8 in 2011, three issues of The Lundby Letter will be published in April, July, and October.

Benefits in addition to the quarterly newsletter are a Membership Directory, Membership Card, and a red heart-shaped Club Pin.

Membership dues, including postage for each family per year, are $25.00 in the United States and possessions; $28.00 in Canada; and $30.00 in the rest of the world. An online membership for $15.00 per year includes all the above benefits, except that the newsletter is posted for viewing and downloading, instead of being mailed. Send a check or money order (United States currency only) to the address below, or if you’d like to use PayPal, please email us for instructions.

Sue Morse, Editor
6347 Waterway Drive
Falls Church, VA 22044

We Love Lundby Club
6347 Waterway Drive
Falls Church, VA 22044

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