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The Lundby Detective

Frequently Misidentified Houses

Have you ever purchased what you thought was a Lundby of Sweden house or item of furniture, but found out later that it wasn't made by Lundby? Most Lundby items aren't marked, and that sometimes presents a challenge in distinguishing them from other dollhouses and furniture by European toy manufacturers. See below the four fully-furnished houses from Sue Morse's collection that cause the most misidentifications.

The 1960s Micki Gemla House -- Although the Swedish company, Micki Gemla, did not manufacture furniture, its dollhouse had the same five-room design (although slightly taller) as Lundby and accommodated 1/16th Lundby or Brio furniture.

The 1960s Brio House -- Brio's dollhouse and furniture is highly sought after because the company replicated in miniature the work of the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, creator of the "egg chair" and the "swan couch."



The 1960s Hanse of Denmark House -- Hanse of Denmark so closely resembles Lisa of Denmark that it is speculated that one company, Loui Kiesbüy of Horsens, Denmark, made both Hanse and Lisa dollhouses and furniture. Some items are so similar that one must have a labeled house or furniture mint in box to authenticate its origins.

The 1960s Lisa of Denmark House --The right to produce Lisa houses and furniture was purchased by Lundby during the firm's decade of expansion in the 1980s.

Mystery Items

On this webpage, we will present 1/16th dollhouse items that are similar to Lundby and need to be properly identified. If you think you know the origin of any of these items, please email us. If you have a dollhouse or piece that you do not recognize, please send a photo and some information about where you found it. We'll feature new items periodically.


Rare Mystery Items

Please help identify these rare mystery items. Reina Olthoff, Holland, sends this photo of a green upholstered chair and a painted chest for identification.


Have you ever seen a table like this one submitted by Jerry and Amy Schlager? Please let us know if you can identify it.


UK member Marion Osborne's mystery fireplace has been identified by a visitor to the website, Syll Van Veen. She recently found the exact same fireplace on in a lot consisting of early 1960s East German furniture.


Several views of Marion Osborne's fireplace

Another Mystery Fireplace
for You to Puzzle Over

We present a photo of Linda Hanlon's fireplace, which she bought in Germany in 1973. Can anyone help her determine the maker?

Mystery fireplace


Is this a Lundby or Lerro Chair?


Mystery Chair


Here is the story about how we found out that the chair is both Lerro and Lundby!

Paige Baird, UK, wrote in June that she had found an image of the chair pictured on the Lundby Detective page. She located it in the 1959-1960 BRIO catalog, listed as no. 19389/52, shown in Peter Pehrsson’s Old Catalogues section on his website, Paige told us further that the chair is called the Karl Johanstol and is mentioned as being produced with either red or green velour seating.

After checking with Peter and Elisabeth Lantz, our Swedish gurus, we confirmed that the chair was made by Lerro and sold by BRIO during the 1950s. That is why it appeared in the 1959-1960 BRIO catalog. However, after Lerro and Lundby merged in 1960, the chair was sold as a Lundby chair during the early to mid-1960s.

Thanks so much to this terrific Lundby detective team who cleared up the mystery of this “unknown chair”!


Mystery 1/16th Scale Telephone

Annina Diston recognized the little red telephone. She noted that she had one in her childhood dolls house in the 80s/90s. Happily they are still available in all the dolls house shops in Switzerland and Annina has also found it here: It's often sold as 1:12 but it's definitely a smaller scale.



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