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"1960s Lundby House"
1960s Lundby House

"1970s Caroline's House by Bactor"
1970s Caroline's Home Dollhouse by Barton



"1970s Stockholm by Lundby"

1970s Stockholm by Lundby






Tips for Buying and Selling
Lundby on eBay

Since Internet auctions began in 1995, they have become perhaps the hottest selling and buying phenomenon ever. But online auctions can be risky business. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, understanding how Internet auctions work can help you avoid problems. Most of our members use eBay to find Lundby and other Scandinavian dollhouse items, so we recommend that you read all the helpful hints that are provided on the eBay Site Map. Below are some basic tips to help facilitate your buying and selling.

Do the Following Only Once and You'll Get ALL Lundby Listings on eBay with Just One Click!

Patricia Harrington has shared her method of obtaining all available Lundby listings on eBay. Follow the steps below:

  • From the Home Page, click on ADVANCED SEARCH.
  • At the new screen, type in Lundby in the KEYWORDbox. Choose ALL CATEGORIES. Click in the little box that says SEARCH TITLE AND DESCRIPTION.
  • This is the really important bit: Scroll down until you come to the LOCATION section; highlight the circle that says ITEMS LOCATED IN and then choose ANY COUNTRY/REGION from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click any radio button that says SEARCH.
  • When the new screen opens it will show you all LUNDBY located in any country. Be sure to save it in your FAVORITES by clicking on SAVE THIS SEARCH.

Once you go through all the steps to obtain the maximum search, you save it in the FAVORITES or BOOKMARKS menu in whatever BROWSER you are using on your own computer (this saves several extra steps). Each and every browser has its own menu for saving things. With this method, as soon as you open your browser, you can click on your drop-down favorites or bookmarks menu and go directly to eBay LUNDBY saved search.

Using Patricia’s method, you’ll bring up many more Lundby items than with a Simple Search or even a Worldwide Search.

Tips for Buyers
  • How to Use "Saved Searches" on eBay.
    1. Search for your item; search for an item on eBay by entering keywords into the search box at the top of each page.
    2. Click on the "Add to Favorite Searches" link; if you are happy with your search and want to keep it, click on the "Add to Favorite Searches."
    3. Set your preferences; you can sign up to receive emails with new matching listings, and add a name for your search.
  • Avoid doing business with sellers you can't identify. Find out all you can about the seller. If you are especially interested in an item, check the seller's feedback and then email the seller. Sellers with no feedback or sellers who do not answer emails are suspect. Don't place any bids until you get straight and satisfactory answers.
  • Know exactly what you're bidding on. Read the seller's description of the items, and look carefully at the photographs. Read the fine print.
  • Check on the seller's return policy. Can you return the item for a full refund if you're not satisfied with it? If you return it, are you required to pay shipping costs or a restocking fee?
  • Establish a top price and stick to it. Don't bid on an item you don't intend to buy.
  • Save all transaction information. Print the listing so you have the seller's identification, the item description, and the time, date and price you bid on the item. Print and save every email you send and receive from the seller.

Tips for Sellers

  • Research a number of listings to decide the best price for your item. Type in a search term, such as "Lundby dollhouses," and check the completed listing box on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Start the price low and you will actually attract more buyers to your auction.
  • To describe your items, use clear simple wording in easy-to-read format. Bullets are better than long paragraphs.
  • Craft catchy, descriptive titles.
  • Use the All Categories selection tool on the eBay Site Map to choose the category that most accurately describes your item.
  • Include good photos to show as much detail about the item as possible, even flaws. Gallery photos usually have a favorable impact.
  • Be sure to add the shipping costs, your shipping policy, payment options and return policy.
  • Develop an "About Me" page as a billboard about yourself. Visit Stella Goodman's page and see how she promotes the We Love Lundby Club as well as her own listings.
  • Watch your timing. End your auction between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. Aim for times of the year when your items will sell best.
  • Let someone else do the work of photographing, writing up the description, and listing the item. They'll take a commission, but you'll have money instead of the item. One highly recommended broker is Seymour Lazerowitz, at seymlaz@aol.com. Special thanks to Mr. Lazerowitz for recently giving a talk to my antiques club, from which many of these hints originated.


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