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Other dollhouse sites showing Lundby items include:

The Swedish Toy Factory
Micki Leksaker's website, which includes Lundby houses and furnishings and Micki's line of toys.

Jennifer McKendry's Website
This site by Jennifer McKendry includes articles on Lundby and dollhouse furnishings.

Elisabeth Lantz's Swedish Dollshouses Website
Elisabeth Lantz's site includes her museum of dollhouses, showing dollhouses from around the world and many individual rooms. Peppe's Old Catalogues are now housed on Elizabeth's site.

Susanne Hjelm's website
This site features dollhouse items available at DockskapsMaster, Susanne's store in Stockholm, Sweden (in Swedish only). Check out Susanne's new Webstore by clicking on Webbshop.

Caroline Mockett's Lundby Stockholm
Caroline Mockett's dollhouse site includes her Lundby Stockholm with large photos of each room. Many dollhouses from other companies and periods are also featured.

Caroline's Home
Nicola Golding's website describes her love affair with dollhouses in general, and the Caroline's Home in particular. It shows Caroline's Home when it was sold by the A. Barton & Co. (Toys) Ltd. and later by Lundby.

A Dutch Treat!
Reina Olthof, who lives in Groningen, Holland, has created a fascinating website, with an abundance of information about Lundby.

The Swedish eBay
Whatever language you speak, Tradera, the Swedish eBay, is a great site to visit to learn about Lundby and other Scandinavian dollhouses. Click on Dockskap or Lundbyskalan.


Wendy Gater in the UK has created "Dolls Houses: Past & Present," an antique/vintage dolls house and miniatures website, which includes a free quarterly online magazine, a photo gallery, chat forum, for sale section (with no advertising costs) and free membership. It can be seen at

Austrian Sieglinde Normandasky has a charming website called Siene's Dreams at Her email address is

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Websites to Visit!

The two following websites list many links to pages featuring various scales of dollhouses, dolls, and furnishings.

Looking for miniature clubs? These two websites display a list of links to all sorts of miniature clubs.

There's a Lundby page posted on

Please email us if you know of other dollhouse sites that should be listed here.

Other sites we'd like you to visit:

Klaradal Swedish Antiques & Furnishings
Located in a Victorian house in Olney, Maryland, this shop features Swedish antiques and furnishings. The owners, Peter and Sue Kopperman, travel to Sweden several times a year to choose items for their shop.


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