Lundby House Tour

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Lundby House Tour
Over Six Decades & Beyond



First Electrified House

  • Lundby of Sweden began in 1947
  • First sold furniture and then added a dollhouse in late 1940s or early 1950s

(photo courtesy of Peter Pehrsson at





Gothenburg, first called Lundby Dollhouse or Popular Dollhouse
  • It is not known for certain what year this house was introduced.  First evidence of a printed advertisement appeared outside Sweden in 1961.
  • White framework.

(photo courtesy of 2000 Vänersborg Museum Exhibit)



Roof Terrace or Post Order House

  • Shown in 1967 catalog.

(photo courtesy of 1967 Lundby catalog)


Plain or Economy Dollhouse

  • Available from the late 1960s to the early 1970s



  • 1970 catalog shows natural wood framework; 1971 and 1972 catalogs show some houses with natural framework and some with brown framework; 1974 catalog shows all houses with brown framework

(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)


(first called Super or Deluxe Dollhouse)

  • Introduced in 1976

(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)




  • Framework changes to all white in 1979

(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)


Manor House
  • Introduced in 1980 and shown for 2 years

(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)


Rainbow House

  • Two versions of this house were introduced in 1985, one with rainbow stickers and another with a pink framework

(photo from private collection)

Rainbow House with Stickers

(photo courtesy of 2000 Vänersborg Museum Exhibit)

Rainbow House with Pink Framework



Play and Learn House

  • Introduced in 1987


(photo courtesy of Jean Claude Larose)



Country Tudor House

  • Introduced in 1987

(photo from private collection)


Norrland House

  • Introduced in 1990

(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)


Salame & Signor House

  • Introduced in 1990


(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)





  • Micki Leksaker A/B of Sweden acquires the Lundby line in 1997
  • New fresh exterior and interior design introduced in 1999

(photo courtesy of Sue Morse)



2005 Stockholm

  • Introduced in 2005

(photo courtesy of 2005 Lundby catalog)



  • Gothenburg renamed Småland in 2006

(photo courtesy of 2006 Lundby catalog)




2008 Gotland

(photo courtesy of Micki Toy Company)

Gotland Assembly Tip Sheet

Patricia Harrington provides tips on assembling the new Gotland dollhouse by Lundby. Be sure to download this handy sheet before putting yours together.




2015 Småland

In 2015 the owners of the Lundby line, Micki Leksaker AB in Gemla, Sweden, are presenting a brand new open floor plan design in their classic Småland dollhouse. In cooperation with Sandberg AB, a Swedish wallpaper company, the walls now have a romantic yet modern look with fantastic patterns in lovely colors.

This year Lundby gets a high tech boost! Not only does the new model of Småland introduce a remote control lighting system, it features a new TV and music unit set with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

All new items will be available in August 2015. However, the launch of the new line will be delayed in the US, due to a large stock of the current Småland.


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