Enhancements toThe Lundby Letter - Volume 5, No. 2-June 2008

(“Lundby Connections”)

Here are some additional photos to accompany the article "Lundby Connections" in Volume 5, Number 2 of The Lundby Letter.

Our club has been honored with a generous gift from Lisa Boutry, Canada. Furniture specifically made for the 1981-1982 Manor House is very hard to find. Lisa donated several pieces from her collection to our “virtual museum.” Photos of the Manor stove and refrigerator and a boxed set of lamps appear below. The dishwasher referred to in the original article was not included in the gift.  A million thanks, Lisa!

Manor Stove & Refrigerator 1

Manor Stove & Refrigerator 2

Manor Stove & Refrigerator 3

Manor Lamps 1

Manor Lamps 2

Manor Lamps 3

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