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Established in 2004

Making Lundby a Doll Household Word

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Club slogan submitted by Jenni Nolan, Dublin, Ireland.

Logo design by Don Christian, designer of The Lundby Letter.

The photo of Lundby family and pets by Jennifer McKendry, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.



An Important Message for our Readers

The four issues of Volume 6 (2009) of the We Love Lundby Club newsletter, The Lundby Letter, will not be posted on the "Archived Issues of The Lundby Letter" until January 2010. If you would like to join the We Love Lundby Club, please click on Join Us to get information.

Lundby on CD

Here's your chance to help defray We Love Lundby Club expenses and receive your very own Lundby on CD prepared by member Jennifer McKendry, an architectural historian in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and expert on the history of Lundby and other dollhouse manufacturers. Jennifer has created a CD of files from her website, www.mckendry.net, and is generously donating all her expenses in creating the CDs.

Included on the CD are Jennifer's 17-page Gothenburg article, a 10-page excerpt from her history of dollhouses; (both in PDF and in Word formats); 19 images of people, which can be printed and framed; 9 images of her Stockholm house; 11 miscellaneous images of details from Lundby houses, and catalogues and ads from 1974, 1976, 1980, 1989, and 1990. A folder has been added with Lundby wall calendars for 2010. There are six miniature designs and one full-size calendar in PDF.

All files contain high resolution images and can be printed at home or at a professional print shop. The cost of the CD to members is $15.00, plus postage. Please email Sue Morse at toysmiles@aol.com for more information.



As a We Love Lundby Club member, you are entitled to 10% off any "Looking for Lundby?" order over $40 before shipping. This offer includes all items available from Sue Morse and Julie Plovnick.


Gotland Assembly Tip Sheet

Patricia Harrington provides tips on assembling the new Gotland dollhouse by Lundby. Be sure to download this handy sheet before putting yours together.

"1950s House"

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